Event Details

The 27th Annual

"Texas Hoe-Down"

MARCH 11th - 13th, 2016

The Event Directors of the “Texas Hoe-Down” would like to thank all of you that came out and helped make our 25th Anniversary of the “Texas Hoe-Down” the tremendous success that it was.  We were packed all week-end with competitors and dance enthusiasts.
  We have big plans for the 2015 “Texas Hoe-Down.”  We will once again be at the DFW Airport Marriott, South, in Ft. Worth.  This is a wonderful facility and we have enjoyed being there for the past eight years.  Their Staff is always very good to our dancers and there to help with any requests that we have. 
We have week-end schedules posted and will be posting our workshop schedules soon.  Be sure and come out and visit.  If you are not familiar with competitions such as our’s, and you are a dance enthusiast, it is sure to make an impression.  Once you have been a part of a dance competition, you’re sure to be hooked.  After Jerry and I competed on a dance team at an event in Joplin, Mo. in the late 1980’s, I couldn’t wait to get home and organize such an experience for Texas.  The “Texas Hoe-Down” was the first organized Country-Western Event of this type to be held in Texas, to our knowledge.  We started this adventure in 1990…we’ve come a long way, Baby…
We promise that we will have the most exciting competitions ever and our Star-Studded Saturday Night Shows are always the very best.
We look forward to seeing you.  Get your Event Registrations in and make your hotel reservations as soon as possible.  See you at the “The Texas Hoe-Down.” 

We’re proud to announce Barry Jones and Kellese Key will be a part of the West Coast Swing activities at the 2015 “Texas Hoe-Down”  - click here for Bio’s. Go to products tab for pricing!

Barry & Kellese will have 2 “Intensive Workshops” on Saturday!

1 ½ hours each at 10:30am and 2:00pm.

Kellese will teach a “Swank Dance Fitness” workshop on Saturday at 5pm in the “Atrium Area”

PLEASE NOTE: Country and Western Registration Closes Wednesday March. 25 th at 5 pm.

News Flash:
The 2015 “Texas Hoedown” will be a participating event of the “Country Two Step Tour”.
Register online Now! The competition will be Saturday night, at 10pm, following the Saturday Night Show! Registration closes at 8pm. This will be great way to have Fun and meet new dancers!
Get your Two step on the floor!
The following levels will be used: Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced!
The Country Two Step Tour is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the FUN and collaborative experience of social dancing. The main favorite dance is the Country Two Step. An award points tracking system is provide to promote even interest and participation within the Country Dance community. The Jack-and-Jill contest consists of male and female participants within a given age or skill level division are randomly paired. The couples then dance against one another and their performances are scored by a knowledgeable panel of judges. Quite often, the leader and follower don’t even know each other. Based on the results of the contest, the top performers are awarded cash and/or other prizes. When you dance in a sanctioned CTST Jack-and-Jill contest, you can earn award points that will be tracked by the CTST. When you have earned enough points, you will “graduate” to the next higher skill level. By continuing to participate in these types of contests, you will naturally improve your dancing skills and knowledge along the way…that’s in addition to meeting plenty of new people, traveling, and having a great time in the dance community.


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What is New for 2015:

1. Boots and Hats are now optional during the dance year, in All Newcomer divisions (Pro-Am, couples, line dance, etc)
Boots and Hats are mandatory and required for the National Championships in November
2. Bare Midriff exposure is limited to dancers competing in Division II/Intermediate and higher (Pro-am and couples)
3. Random music will be selected for Couples competition (Novice and above)
IV/Newcomer music will be previewed in advance
4. All couples music changes from 2 minutes to 1 ½ minutes
5. The BPM ranges have been standardized in all dances
6. Pre-Newcomer music changed from 45 seconds to 60 seconds
7. Added a Bronze Age level (40+) to Newcomer (Couples)
8. Competitors are now eligible to enter all divisions that you are qualified to compete in!
9. Royal SuperStars was changed to a classic format (flights, show dance, etc)
10. New line dances for 2015, will be added soon! Check website!
Clarification: No crossover allowed between SuperStars and Royal SuperStars

Age qualification for all contestants:
A Contestant’s age for the entire dance year shall be based on what their age is on the last day of the ACDA National Championships.



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For copies of pictures from the Hoe-Down please visit Action Photos.

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